ballet class update #2

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been so busy with university these past weeks, it literally took overhand. Term papers had to be written, books read, quizzes passed, blah blah…

Anyway, I’m back writing and I think I can announce an upgrade! Namely, I joined the advanced adult beginners ballet class! Yay! Fact is, I’ve been thinking about moving a level up for a while now. In the past month or so I’ve been a bit meh after class every time. You know, not unhappy just a bit urhh…Earlier this year quite a few new people joined the class and especially for the last weeks I felt it being a bit restraining. I always like new people joining and am excited for them taking their first classes. But since our original ballet beginners group kind of broke apart (atleast one girl hasn’t been in the studio for over a month now, others are busy with their work and only irregulary find time to take class & two others switched to monday’s class due to their weekly schedule and appointments) I ended up being the only “advanced beginner” in a group with very beginners. Therefore class slowed down. So this monday I went to the advanced beginners class with one of the girls I did the ballet workshop with a month ago (she’s the youngest and has been dancing for a year or so plus shes really good) and I liked it so so much! Quite a few things were new to me but I picked up fast and could keep up well. So now I decided that I’ll join the advanced class for good while still going to the more basic one as well. Wanted to dance as much as possible a week anyway but till then I thought the only class I’m able to take (level-wise) is the one I’ve been taking ever since. I’m very happy about this and feel like it’s a good combination: monday class is harder and I’ll have to push myself to keep up, thursdays is mostly working on technique, strength and applying corrections. So this finally finally makes two ballet classes à 2 hrs each/week! Hopefully I’ll be able to take even more once this semester and all my uni exams are over.

Also, I have so many posts pre-planned in my head already so beware of more to come very soon.

Wishing all fellow ballerinas out there all the best with their dancing and a lovely day   X


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